The HubbleHQ Team

We’re friends first, colleagues second. We recognise the importance of health, happiness and balance to reach success. We’ve built an incredible and talented team of individuals who love where they work.

Tushar Agarwal

Co-Founder & CEO

As an ex-banker and Economics grad, I am obsessed with efficient markets. When I realised how painful commercial real estate was, I had to solve this problem with tech. Lover of the arts, cool products and Kanye.

Tom Watson

Co-Founder & CTO

I studied CompSci at Warwick Uni and spent time at IBM - which wasn't for me. After Uni, I joined EF where I met my work wife Tushar. You'll often find me with headphones on listening to Hip Hop or Grime.

David Anderson


After some time in strategy consulting and doing marketing at Google, I've found my home in tech startups. I enjoy cooking (but mostly eating) fine food, binging on boxsets, and the occasional round of competitive golf.

Hannah Watkins

Digital Marketing Executive

I studied languages at Uni and loved it – possibly because it meant I could spend time abroad and feel like I was revising. I love travelling, and I’m now trying to make my way round every country in Europe. Between trips I love translating, making lists, drinking lots of coffee, and trying out new recipes.

Adam Maskell

Head of Customer Success

10 years of disrupting the Milton Keynes indie club scene taught me to get a proper job and to go help disrupt something else. I love innovating the customer experience, training Jiu Jitsu and never saying no to a good time.

Leslie Mauro

Customer Success Advisor

It was during my year abroad at university working as an English Language Assistant in Madrid where I discovered my passion for helping people. In my previous role as a Community Manager I provided support to enhance the user experience and I hope to do the same here as part of the Customer Success team. I laugh at everything - even my own bad jokes. I also love pandas, sour sweets and watching re-runs of Friends. And I like to dance!

Chris Frey

Financial Controller

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, I found myself looking at numbers in bigger companies before I fell in love with the world of startups and their fresh take on technology and business. I love a good data-dive, an artisan coffee, a downward dog and exploring our fine planet as much as I can!

Henry Burn

Tenant Advisor

I joined Hubble after spending 5 years working in more traditional industries. The great thing about a startup is that there are not many of you which has allowed me to make a number of unfounded claims - I am currently the best runner, swimmer, cyclist, golfer, negotiator, listener, employee, but not poker player... Tom is the best poker player.

Chai Alleyne

Tenant Advisor

I'm Chai! A lover of maths, all things sport and most importantly, Harry Potter. I have a wide range of sales experience in B2B, B2C and recruitment. Oh, and I also attempt to make music that I can bear listening to from time to time.

Charlie Bastier

Tenant Advisor

A surfer from the Welsh coast with a ton of experience in property, sales, and start-ups. I spend my time bouldering, travelling, and discovering the rogue pubs of North London. Moving into my third year in London, I can firmly say that the tap water is terrible, beers are expensive, and I have still no idea why there are so many branches of Pret. That being said, it's still the best place on earth.

Lizzie Davison

Product Engineer

I left school after 6th form at 18 and chose programming as I figured the one thing I could do all day was sit at a computer. I fell in love and have been writing code since then. I am also a self professed green tea addict, and G&T lover.

Marc Pacheco

Lead Architect

I’m excited about helping teams build systems that allow them ship software quickly and reliably. Before joining Hubble, I was the Client-side Architect at Songkick for nine years. Before that I was the Lead Client-side Developer at the Guardian. All in all, I’ve been working on web-related projects since the mid-noughties.

Our investors

  • JLL
  • Downing Ventures
  • Starwood Capital Group
  • EF
  • Pi Labs
  • Seedcamp

Our Board & Advisors

Rohan Silva

Co-Founder & Advisor

Co-Founder, Second Home

Jackson Hull

Technology Advisor


Alexander Lazarev

Board Member

Partner, Maxfield Capital