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Sell long-term

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Why list with Hubble?

  1. Maximise your revenue

    Sell your spaces by the hour, day, month or longer

  2. Free and flexible

    You only pay us when we find you customers, and our contract has no fixed term

  3. International reach

    300 cities in over 50 countries

  4. Huge scale

    We generate 1000s of bookings a month and have placed over 5000 companies in longer term offices

We’re proud to list some of the world’s most mind-blowing spaces.

When it comes to workspace, there’s nothing we don’t like - you name it, we list it. Big, small, serviced, shared, on demand, part-time, coworking, meeting rooms, local and international. Our pro supply team can help you make the most of your workspace.

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What is Hubble?

Hubble is a global marketplace for hybrid workspaces. Our customers find their ideal offices through HubbleHQ, rentable by the month or more, and book on-demand workspaces—such as coworking spaces, meeting rooms and offices by the day—via Hubble On-Demand.

Is Hubble HQ right for me?

If you are looking to rent private office space (full-time or part-time) in the UK as an workspace provider, leaseholder, agent, then yes!

How does Hubble HQ work?

Customers search for their ideal office and request viewings directly through the marketplace. You can manage viewing requests, leads and listings via our industry-leading platform. If the customer takes a part-time office we handle all the payment and licensing for you. Our dedicated Workspace Experts are here to ensure you get your spaces filled quickly and with the right companies.

Is there a fee to list my space on HQ Search?

No it’s completely free to list. We only charge commission once we successfully find you a customer. We charge 10% of the all in monthly rental price. See our Terms of Business for more.

Is Hubble On-Demand right for me?

If you have on-demand workspaces anywhere in the world, offering access to coworking spaces, meeting rooms by the hour/day and/or private offices by the day, then yes!

How does Hubble On-Demand work?

Customers access a global marketplace of on-demand workspaces to book desks in coworking areas, meeting rooms, and private offices by the day. We help you list and manage your spaces, and we pay you monthly.

Is there a fee to list my space on Hubble On-Demand?

No. It’s completely free to list. We pay you at the end of each month based on your rates and the number of bookings at your spaces, minus our commission, which can vary from 10% to 20%, depending on the type of space and location.

What our workspace partners are saying

Working with Hubble is a real pleasure, not just because they are a great team of people.... The average conversion from enquiry to deal with Hubble is 15%; far greater than our average conversion with other web brokers of just 5-6%.
Andrew Halford
Sales Director, IWG
Hubble have been a great partner of ours for some time now. In terms of transactions, they have been the highest contributor in our London portfolio for the last two years. Surpassing many of the top agents in the industry. Not only do they work at high volumes, they also represent several large companies.
Robbie Macdonald
Senior Associate, Broker and Agency Development UK & Ireland, WeWork
Hubble have consistently been our top performing broker during my 3 year tenure at Workspace in terms of both Deal Value and number. Their platform enables enquirers to have a detailed understanding suitable spaces whilst intuitively encourages viewings with minimal human intervention. This, coupled with their live pricing, allows for no surprises when we meet the client and aids with a smooth negotiation process.
Jonny Horne
Enquiries Manager, Workspace
Hubble pass has been a consistent revenue stream for Landmark since its launch in Mar-21 and it’s growing MoM, over 80% of external co-working space bookings are from Hubble Pass.
Birender Chahal
Head of Business Development – Meeting & Memberships, Landmark
Over the course of last two quarters, Hubble has helped us to double, in some assets to quadruple, the volume of our day pass and use of flexi-office products. We found the features of the platform extremely useful with not only the outreach of Hubble to various clientele segments but also the ease of use for the provider, offering all essential automated invoicing and reporting options, not to mention the team that is always available should we need to discuss anything further.
Devrim Kahramanoglu
Director of Operations – Meeting & Memberships, Uncommon
Hubble always seem to be coming up with new ways for us both to make money and with the most ease. Their Hubble Pass has been very successful in our buildings and they have achieved what so many companies have been trying to do for a long time. Hubble pass or day passes were always a thing that everyone thought was a good idea but no one could make it work - without masses of hassle. Fortunately their platform handles that all for you.
Steve Tillotson
Sales Director, Pavilion