Hubble On‑Demand

In-person working made easy

For whenever remote teams need to meet in real life
  • One destination for teams to easily book space to work in‑person
  • 1000s of workspaces around the UK and beyond - from day offices to meeting rooms to coworking access
  • Up to 30% discount on workspace booking, and only pay for the space you use
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Example from the Hubble app, showing upcoming bookings and available offices in Google maps

Trusted by the world’s top brands

The UK’s largest selection of workspaces, all bookable from one membership

With thousands of on‑demand workspaces to choose from across the UK and beyond, Hubble On‑Demand makes it easy to organise in‑person working for your team, wherever and whenever you need.

workspaces in London
workspaces across the UK
around the world

Get your teams together at the UK’s best workspace providers

  • TOG - The Office Group
  • Fora
  • Landmark
  • Work.Life
  • Uncommon
  • Second Home

For the times when work is better done in person

  • Connect and build culture

    Bring teams together to meet and build culture.

  • Collaborate

    Bring teams together to work productively.

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Second Home London fields office
Second Home London Fields office

Two ways of experiencing Hubble On‑Demand

Two ways of experiencing Hubble On‑Demand

Whether you need space for next week’s board meeting, or to make regular bookings for your team to meet IRL, we have a plan for you.

Best for: one off or ad hoc bookings


Pay for each booking on card every time

  • Search & book from 750+ workspaces in 122 towns and cities in the UK
  • Meeting rooms, day offices, and group or individual coworking
  • 35% more UK locations than our nearest competitor
  • Workspace partners include: Landmark, Uncommon, Fora, TOG, Work.Life, Second Home and more
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Save up to 30%

Best for: regular bookings and teams

Monthly plans

Top up with Hubble credits each month and use them on bookings

All of the benefits of pay-as-you-go plus:

  • Save between 15-30% on every booking
  • Monthly rolling agreement ‑ cancel anytime
  • Add organisers who can make bookings for their teams
  • Control spend with user spend caps and permissions
  • Request new locations
  • Analytics, and usage dashboards and reports
  • Dedicated account management and support

Minimum month spend: 100 credits (£500 per month)

How monthly plans work

Monthly plans are the best way of regularly bringing teams together to work in‑person.

  1. Sign up and choose a monthly planYou can change, cancel or top-up your plan at any time.
  2. Set up your teamAdd organisers, assign permissions, and set spending limits.
  3. Search & book workspaceExplore thousands of workspaces and book your perfect spot.
  4. Invite your crewAdd attendees to your workspace bookings.
  5. Experience the magicArrive at your workspace and enjoy the spark of working together.
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Olio’s Journey to Remote‑First Success with the Hubble On‑Demand

A behind-the-scenes look at how Olio has boosted culture and given its team over 1,000 spaces to connect via Hubble.

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employees using Hubble to meet IRL
saved, compared to the cost of an office
workspaces used in the UK and beyond

Bringing your team together doesn’t get easier than this

With thousands of workspaces across the UK and beyond, Hubble On‑Demand plans do away with the hassle of finding and booking space for your team to connect and collaborate

Organise workspace for teams to meet in a matter of clicks

Our simple-to-use platform makes it easy for organisers to find and book amazing spaces and invite their teams to join.

Manage your team’s usage and spend

Our admin settings make it hassle-free to manage how your team uses the Hubble platform, giving you control over workspace access and spend.

Get insight into your team’s way of working

Get a clear picture of your team’s workspace usage patterns and workspace preferences to feed into your future workspace strategy.

How Taskrabbit switched to a successful remote‑first strategy with Hubble On‑Demand

Taskrabbit has saved money, heightened flexibility and reinvested the concept of ‘the working week’ with Hubble

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UK employees using Hubble to work with their team in person


money saved compared to cost of a full-time office


workspaces worked from, within 5 different UK cities

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