How to Find the Right Office Space for Your Startup in London

Once, the kitchen table or a local Starbucks was the centre of your business empire. But then you started to grow and, frankly, if you recruit any more team members without giving them a desk of their own, you’ll face a mutiny.

It’s time to rent an office. But which one?

What kind of offices does a startup business need?

It’s hard to know exactly what space you need when you’re just starting out. By the very nature of the business, you’re still evolving, so flexibility’s the name of the game. In terms of the contract you sign, the term you agree to and the space you rent, you’re looking for something that gives you the freedom to grow rather than something that shackles you to a space that's great for now, but may not suit your needs in just a few months time.

What does that mean in practice? Well…

Small deposits, short notice period

Staying nimble means not committing to leases with restrictive lengths, deposits or notice periods. Many of our startup office spaces in London will let you sign up to a monthly rolling contract, with minimal (if any) deposit, so the risk stays low and the flexibility high.

Start by hot-desking

You don’t have to launch with a private office from the outset. If you’re starting solo or have a small team of two or three, consider hot or fixed desks as a way of testing the water, staying flexible and keeping costs low.

Go all-inclusive

Staying in control of costs is vital when you’re setting up a business. Choosing an all-inclusive office means all your bills, furniture and everything else you need to operate will be included, so there's no nasty surprises to hamstring your cash flow.

Think about the future

Sure, you’re a team of four right now, but if things continue at their current rate, you’ll expect to double in the next few months. When you do, will you need to pack up your things and move on, or can you simply take an additional bank of desks or a larger office at your current base? Loads of our startup offices have room to grow. Make sure yours does.

The right space

Sometimes, it’s only once you’re in an office that you realise what was missing from your essentials list. Can’t hear your clients on the phone? Perhaps an office furnished with private phone booths would be beneficial. Is the harsh artificial light draining your vitamin D levels? This office's open space filled with natural light could be the perfect remedy.

We understand it's difficult to get it right the first time. But referring to your own set of 'must-haves' and chatting with one of our office experts is a great way to ensure you start on the right foot.

How can I find startup office space in London?

There’s a lot of startup office spaces in London. There’s only one place where you can find it all. Search for your next office space in London now.

But where are the best startup offices?


One of London’s most popular places to launch a startup—especially in tech—Islington and its surrounding areas are great bases for anyone who's planning to build connections with the occupants of ‘Silicon Roundabout’. And with tech and software businesses of every size in close proximity, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

Find creative offices in Islington


Healthtech, foodtech, proptech and fashtech: if you can stick ‘tech’ at the end of it, the chances are there are startups in Shoreditch. Not so long ago, we wrote a piece about Shoreditch’s booming startup scene.

Why not join it?


A marvellous melting pot of London businesses, Whitechapel’s transport connections and affordable rents make it a great choice for startups that are keen to build connections with Tech City or London’s insurance district.

Find startup offices in Whitechapel


No, it’s not a typo. Westminster is a surprisingly rewarding (and affordable) place to launch a startup despite the lofty surroundings. The council has helped, as has the number of local universities, with all of them pumping out an annual supply of eager entrepreneurs. A fantastic place for connections and collaborations.

Find startup offices in Westminster

At HubbleHQ, you’re guaranteed to find shared office space for every startup. Find more shared office space inspiration here, or search all our London office space now.

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