Luxury Offices

An office is not simply a place to house your team. It should be a competitive advantage. And that advantage is greater when you choose a luxury office.

What constitutes a “luxury” office?

“Luxury is anything that feels special.” So says US entrepreneur Aerin Lauder, and it nicely sums up the appeal of luxury and the challenge in pinning it down and defining it. Search the luxury offices on our platform and there’s a ‘know it when you see it’ quality about them. If there’s one thing that luxury offices share, it is their difference and distinctiveness. There are certain common features. Space. Light. High end furnishings and the latest technology are just some and you’ll find more listed below. Amongst the providers on Hubble there are luxury offices that boast quirky roof terraces, grand glass atriums, fully equipped kitchens and even an onsite bike repair shop. But what really sets luxury offices apart from the rest is not just the features they have, but the feeling they deliver.

Luxury feels special, and if feels special to you, chances are it will feel just as special to your team and clients.

Which types of companies choose luxury office space?

Those who want to make a statement:

The right luxury office can be an essential tool for companies who want to make a big impression with prospective and existing clients. A premium office can say a lot about the prestige of working with you.

Those looking to attract and retain talent:

The lure of a distinctive, high-end office can be a powerful incentive for every generation, but luxury offices are particularly valued by millennial and Gen-Z teams.

Those working to build or reflect company culture:

There’s no bigger outward demonstration of a company’s culture than the office it chooses. This isn’t simply a matter of perks and quirks. A company that wants its people to collaborate, to be creative or to think freely benefits from a space that fosters those traits. A luxury office gives you far greater potential to match the DNA of your business to the building.

Benefits of a luxury office

We’ve already explored the potential of a luxury office to aid talent and client acquisition and retention. In addition, they can also:

Improve productivity

In a direct sense, a workspace can be an enabler, making productive work easier and inspiring greater creativity, quality or concentration. In one study, that productivity boost was 20% higher than average.

Improve wellbeing

It’s not just about the quality of the café or the gym – although those can certainly be important. A deluxe office typically makes more of natural light. It has space that is more easily tailored to its occupants. And from the improved control of sound to better views and even improved air quality, a luxury office can be an uplifting, mood enhancing place to be. All of which can reduce stress and sickness and prove an indirect boost to productivity.

Improve teamworking

In any business, social cohesion matters. Luxury offices invariably give you greater flexibility on how you bring people together, with more breakout areas, more imagination in communal areas, and more thought applied to enabling people to collaborate more effectively together.

Is a luxury office right for my business?

Do you need luxury?

Luxury is always a nice-to-have, but in some professions it may be a client expectation you simply can’t avoid. A top City stockbroker needs to look like a top City stockbroker. A cutting edge design company appears considerably less cutting edge in an office that looks like everyone else’s. Sometimes, prestige is simply essential.

Does it fit your company culture or operations?

You may want to foster an open and collaborative way of working, but does your workspace enable or inhibit that? Luxury offices typically bring greater levels of customisable space – especially so in the case of managed offices – which means it’s easier to model your space in your own image.

Does it fit your public image?

You spend years marketing yourself as quirky, innovative, and individual. If the brand shouts distinctiveness and individuality, don’t your offices need to walk the walk?

Does it give you potential?

You already have some prestige clients. Now you want more, and you know a new office could help you achieve that. It requires careful timing, but the right move at the right time can unlock a host of opportunities.

Luxury serviced office or managed office?

Luxury managed offices tend to be blank but impressive canvases. The space itself will feel luxurious, and typically this will mean lots of natural light, high ceilings and a level of architectural distinctiveness. The luxury may extend outside too, with a grand façade, a top city location or an inspiring view. They are also bespoke spaces, ready for you to place your distinctive stamp on them. That makes them particularly suitable for businesses keen to establish a strong brand or internal culture. The cost of the fit out will then be wrapped up with the monthly fee, which will also include professional fees.

Luxury serviced offices provide everything a premium office needs in one convenient package. What it may lack in bespoke customisability, it makes up by providing everything you need from day one – and every fixture and fitting should add to the luxurious feel. That quality may also extend to serviced reception areas.

What facilities can I expect in a luxury office?

There’s no one type of ‘luxury’, but here are some of the features you’ll find in the very best office accommodation.

Light: Natural light is often a notable feature of luxury offices, but the quality and control of artificial light matters too. In the best offices, no light is out of place. No light is too bright. And no corner is too dark.

Sound: Great workspaces don’t merely look great; they sound it too. Creating aural harmony is different for every business, but a luxury office protects your people from unwanted sounds, and lets you control the rest.

Smart design: It’s not just that a premium serviced office will come with a premium level of equipment – it’s the way that equipment is thoughtfully positioned, with a people-first approach that makes work easier.

Quirks and details: There’s no shortage of ways a luxury office development can up the stakes on its competitors with big bold statements or boutique-style additions. That level of detail, style and occasional eccentricity is what makes a great office. Amongst the features that have caught our eye recently are:

  • Antique furniture and one-off design pieces
  • Artwork – typically commissioned specially for the office or tenant
  • Bar
  • Cafes
  • Gyms
  • Rooftop running tracks
  • Sun terraces
  • Sculptures

How much more does a luxury office cost?

With ‘luxury’ covering such a broad range of options and prices, it’s easier to establish the space requirements (either in terms of desk numbers or square footage) and your essential features first, then explore your options.

Make that search much easier with our office space calculator.

Where can I find my next luxury office?

Hubble searches the whole market in real time, giving you the pick of available managed and serviced luxury offices. Filter by up-to-date pricing, live availability, location, amenities, exclusive offers and more.

We’ve made finding your next office as easy as booking a hotel room, and we’re trusted by the likes of Trustpilot, Accenture, and Citymapper.

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