How to Find Office Space in London for a Fashion Business

It’s easy for some industries. From law to finance to insurance, the standard of the office you choose certainly matters, but no one’s expecting you to be an innovator in office space design. Yet when you’re part of the fashion industry, there’s an expectation that your office will walk the (cat)walk too.

So, if you’re wondering where to start your search for a suitable office, start here…

How can I find an office for a fashion business in London?

Choose customisable

Fashion is about making your mark and expressing your individuality, and you can’t do that when your landlord won’t allow you to tweak so much as a single piece of wall art. Customisable office spaces let you put your own stamp on them, giving you free rein to create a space that looks, feels and works exactly how you need it to.

Look for the ‘customisable’ badge during your Hubble London office search to find the spaces that give you greatest creative and branding freedom.

Choose light

Of course, you’ll be kitting your office out with light boxes, meticulously lit demo retail display units and more, but there’s no substitute for lots of natural light. Not only will it (literally) illuminate the design process, it’ll help keep your people productive, energised and happy.

Design matters

The fashion giants know a thing or two about creating spaces that smartly match form with function. PrettyLittleThing’s LA HQ features an indoor ‘street’ where offices and meeting rooms are hidden behind mock shop fronts. Missguided’s HQ is decked out with indoor cherry blossom trees. We’re not suggesting you need to go quite that far, but if you’re building a brand that’s distinctively different, it’s important you’re able to reflect that in the space around you.

Match your space to your ethos

Fashion faces some big challenges in its approach to everything from sustainability to fast fashion, labour practices to body image. Lots of businesses are making their mark by tackling such issues head on and if that’s your business, you’ll want a fashion office space that reflects rather than contradicts your ethos. If you’ve taken a stand on the energy you use to produce your fashion, for example, you’ll probably want an office that is similarly energy-efficient.

It’s not something you’ll always find from an online search, so if you have a particular value or ethos you need your workspace to reflect, talk to our team of experts at

Choose expandability and affordability

London is the UK’s favourite place to launch a startup, massively outstripping the next most popular locations. For most startup owners, the challenge is striking the right balance between not running before you can walk, whilst giving yourself plenty of room to grow. So, it’s important to choose office space with flexible leases, all-inclusive pricing and plenty of additional space for expansion should you need it.

Where are the best offices for fashion businesses in London?


With renowned designers like Alexander McQueen on the doorstep and an almost endless choice of distinctive workspaces—many customisable—Farringdon is a great pace for fashion creatives, fashion recruitment, PR and marketing.

Find fashion office space in Farringdon


The legendary Camden Passage and the surrounding area is one of London’s hottest spots for fashion, with its boutiques and concept stores a trove of the niche, the out-there and the up-and-coming. That buzz makes Islington a great base for a fashion creative, with plenty of local outlets for your creativity.

Find fashion office space in Islington


Shoreditch boasts more fashion schools and creative colleges than most towns have regular schools and colleges, and all of those graduates need somewhere to launch their careers. That’s why Shoreditch has become a haven of established fashion businesses and ambitious startups. Whichever category you fit, you’ll find lots of office options here.

Find fashion office space in Shoreditch

Hackney and Dalston

When the New York Times calls you London’s fashion capital, you know you’re doing something right. Home to many of London’s brightest new stars and encompassing not just designers but other fashion creatives too, the East End really is a great base to launch or grow your fashion business.

Find fashion office space in Hackney & Dalston

At HubbleHQ, we have private and shared office space available for every stage of fashion startup or scaleup. Explore more prime shared office space here, or search all our London office space now.

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