How to Find Creative Offices in London

Can your office surroundings make a difference to the creative work you do there? We think so, which is why having the biggest choice of London’s creative spaces really matters. Here’s how to find the right one for you.

What kind of office does a creative business need?

Sometimes, creativity needs a little help. That inspirational burst can come from many sources—but it helps when you don’t have to look too far to find it. If the team needs to leave the office and head to the coffee shop across the road every time there’s a brainstorming meeting to be held, chances are there’s something wrong with your office (or something really right with your coffee shop). But rent the right space, and you get an office that actively supports your creativity.

A creative office, then, is one that:

Supports different ways of working

With traditional desk space mingling with breakout space; quiet, reflective space and collaborative space, it’s a place that makes creativity easy for a diverse range of work preferences.

Is inspiring

With exposed walls, cool murals; great views, rooftop terraces and bars, and the simple joy of a thoughtfully designed work area, renting an inspiring workspace is like dropping a little burst of added motivation into every working day.

Is light, bright and airy

Natural light boosts productivity and engagement—great for any workspace, and especially so for the creative industries where feeling engaged with your subject matter really, really matters.

Lets you showcase your creativity

Event space is often a must for the creative industry. Frequently highly adaptable, we’ve seen these spaces used as galleries, exhibition spaces, presentation areas and networking hubs. So whether your business is photography, installation art, graphic design, digital marketing or more, you’ve always got a venue to showcase your capabilities.

Brings creativity together

Perhaps it’s the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. Maybe it’s just a little competitive spirit. Or possibly it’s the opportunity to tap the creative expertise of those around you to expand the services you’re able to offer. What we definitely know is this: great things happen when creative offices bring creative businesses together.

How much does creative office space cost?

Ultra-chic surroundings. Gyms, childcare, beer on tap and epic coffee-making facilities. If you’re imagining all of this sounds a little out of your price range, think again. London has a lot of creative office space to let, and that means lots of opportunities to save by:

  • Carefully picking your location
  • Taking advantage of game-changing introductory offers
  • Letting a HubbleHQ tenant advisor negotiate on your behalf (we get our customers an average of 15% off their monthly rent!)

With private offices in the selection below available from just £150 pp/month, you really don’t need to make a big investment to find a fantastic creative office.

Which are the best areas for creative offices in London?


At last count there were around 20 advertising and marketing agencies within just a few hundred yards of Moorgate station. When agencies outnumber Prets, you know you’re basing yourself in the heart of a thriving community.

Find creative offices in Moorgate


For sheer range of creative endeavours packed into one small area, you’d be hard pressed to beat Clerkenwell. More web designers, ad agencies, TV production companies, marketers and game companies than you can shake a VR headset at, together with lots of opportunity for cross pollination with a local arts hub that includes the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and, if you can walk a few extra yards into Farringdon, the Barbican.

Find creative offices in Clerkenwell


As you head a little further north and a little further east, so the ad agencies and marketers give way to photographers, music production companies and filmmakers. There���s still something a little off-the-wall about Dalston. It remains genuinely, authentically quirky (despite a decade of gentrification), full of must-visit eateries and slightly bonkers bars. A great base for creative inspiration.

Find creative offices in Dalston


It’s not just that there are so many other creative businesses based in Camden. Nor is the fact that there’s some spectacular office space to choose from. It’s the business company you keep when you head north. From ASOS to Ted Baker, Getty Images to Santander UK and ViacomCBS Europe to TimeOut, Camden is home to big, big brands.

Find creative offices in Camden

Which are the best creative offices in London?

Eat Work Art – Hackney Downs Studios

E8, London

Frankly ludicrous value for some brilliantly quirky, individual creative office spaces set in an old printworks on the fringes of Dalston and Clapton. A real community of creatives, with a fresh source of inspiration around every corner.

House of Creative - 320

EC1V, London

Elegant, Grade-1 listed surroundings. Big on natural light. An infinite supply of free tea and coffee. And when you sign up via HubbleHQ, you get 50% of your first 3 months rent. Plus, it’s part of the House of Creative, which gives you a pretty good idea as to who this office is aimed at.

Mushroom Hub

NW1 London

Yes, we’ve spent half this page extolling the virtues of natural light, only to suggest a creative office that’s effectively underground. But there is a printing area, super fast internet and well, just look at it…

Etch Workspace – Clerkenwell

EC1R, London

Exposed brickwork, wooden flooring, event spaces and excellent natural daylight throughout. It’s like someone put together the ultimate playlist of creative office space requirements.

With offices ideal for every part of the creative industry, find your perfect workplace with HubbleHQ.

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