9 Cool Meeting Rooms in London

Will Langston
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Are you in need of a cool and unique meeting room in London? Look no further! 

In this piece, we highlight 9 of the coolest meeting rooms you can book in London via the Hubble Pass — your all-access ticket to a global network of on-demand workspace, including meeting rooms, private day offices, coworking spaces, and event space.

We specifically focus on:

Whether you’re planning a brainstorming session, a client pitch, or a team-building activity, these meeting rooms are sure to impress.

So without further ado, here are 9 of the coolest meeting rooms for hire in London.

Cool Meeting Rooms in London Bridge

TOG – Borough Yards – The Soap Buildings

Cool Meeting Rooms in London Bridge

Just a five minute walk from London Bridge Station, you’ll find The Soap Buildings — home to a range of stunning meeting rooms with a futuristic feel.

It’s clear from the off that a great deal of care and attention went into the architectural design, and you and your team won’t be able to help but feel inspired and invigorated when you pitch up here for your meeting.

Whether there’s 2 of you, or 24 of you, there are plenty of cool and quirky meeting rooms for you to choose from for brainstorms, pitch meetings, or a team-building session at The Soap Buildings, Borough Yards.

UNCOMMON – Borough

Cool Meeting Rooms in London Bridge

Ahhhh, Uncommon. It’s bright, it’s airy, there are plants a plenty and yes, meeting rooms that can hold up to 24 people.

And being just 2 minutes away from Borough, and a steady 7 from London Bridge Station, it’s a great bet if you and your team are looking to work together in this gem of an area.

The meeting rooms themselves have a peaceful air, with muted colour schemes, comfy seating, modern glass panelling and, of course, AV equipment so people can attend your meeting remotely.

This is a truly special workspace, and one that’s kitted out with other stunning features that’ll make your meeting one to remember — outdoor space, pet-friendly facilities, and a whole lot more!

TOG – The Shard

Cool Meeting Rooms in London Bridge

These meeting rooms are about as cool as it gets because, yes, they’re in The Shard — right on the doorstep of London Bridge Station. So, if you and your team are looking to get motivated by awe-inspiring views, these meeting rooms are for you.

It also doesn’t matter if there are 5 of you, or well over 50 — this workspace is ready to meet the needs of every team, no matter what size. Get yourself booked in, you won’t regret it!

Boutique Workplace – Southwark Bridge

Cool Meeting Rooms in London Bridge

Exposed brick walls, beautifully restored wooden beams and windows — it could only be Boutique Workplace by Southwark Bridge.

These meeting rooms have a relaxed, yet professional charm to them, making them perfect for more formal presentations, client meetings, or just when you’re looking to impress the wider team.

And being just a stone’s throw from Borough Market means you’ll be able to smash lunch that day out of the park as well. Sounds like the perfect day to us!

WorkLife – Bermondsey

Cool Meeting Rooms in London Bridge

WorkLife is cool. It’s quirky. It’s fresh. So it’s no surprise that its meeting rooms have made the list.

They’re capable of holding anywhere up to 12 people, and therefore offer a great setup for team meetings in a novel setting.

Of course, the location couldn’t be better either — just 8 minutes away from London Bridge Station and nestled well within the many temptations that this widely loved area has to offer.

Cool Meeting Rooms in Kings Cross & St Pancras

TOG – The Stanley Building

Cool Meeting Rooms in Kings Cross & St Pancras

Kings Cross and St Pancras just oozes class these days. It’s stuck to it’s industrial heritage but allowed some beautifully modern touches to slot into its overall vibe.

It therefore makes complete sense that the workspaces, and indeed the meeting rooms, within The Stanley Building align with all of these characteristics. Not to mention that here, they come in all shapes and sizes, with some capable of holding a whopping 100 people!

The versatility of these meeting rooms cannot be understated, and with the The Stanley Building being just 4 minutes away from Kings Cross on foot, you’d struggle to find a reason not to pitch up here for a productive meeting or two!

TOG – Gridiron Building

Cool Meeting Rooms in Kings Cross & St Pancras

You’ll find The Gridiron Building just 9 minutes down from Kings Cross, and what a space it is to know about.

The meeting rooms here have a real genteel feel to them, with cool yet comfortable seating arrangements, open tables and top of the range AV equipment creating the perfect environment for you and the team to knuckle down and do great work.

You’ve also got real flexibility when it comes to the size of the meeting rooms, with some fit for 4 people and those at the larger end of the scale capable of holding as many as 90.

Landmark – Kings Cross

Cool Meeting Rooms in Kings Cross & St Pancras

This Landmark is a prime example of how to do modern workspace well.

With bold colour schemes running throughout, plush seating to kick back on between meetings, and of course, carefully kitted out meeting rooms to make any brainstorm a breeze. Whiteboards, AV equipment, eye-opening lighting for that Monday morning meet. If you need it, Landmark has got it.

It’s also just 2 minutes away from Kings Cross on foot, which will make life so much easier when you’re looking to find it for the first time.

Cool Meeting Rooms in Canary Wharf

TOG – Canary Wharf – One Canada Square

Cool Meeting Rooms in Kings Cross & St Pancras

One Canada Square is an iconic building in an iconic area. So, obviously, the meeting rooms here are just as iconic.

Just minutes away from Poplar, All Saints and West India Key, it’s a great place to meet with the team or clients when you’re looking to inspire, and get inspired.

Some exceptionally well-oiled companies have set themselves up here, and this is your golden opportunity to place yourself amongst that and feel the drive.

Book meeting rooms in over 1,000 locations

And there you have it! 9 of the coolest meeting rooms you can book by the hour in London. These, plus thousands of others are all accessible via the Hubble Pass — your all-access ticket to on-demand workspace.

That’s right, with the Hubble Pass, you can access meeting rooms, private day offices, coworking space and event space in over 1,000 locations worldwide. And the best part? You only pay for what you use, making it a great way to manage your office spend in uncertain times, and also keep your team happy by giving them access to the world’s finest workspaces!

So, don’t wait — start using the Hubble Pass today and unlock your team’s ability to work from anywhere, anytime.

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